3 Tips to Get Him to Propose Without Making Him Feel Pressured

3 Tips to Get Him to Propose Without Making Him Feel Pressured

You’re ready to take the next step in your relationship and you can see the bright shining diamond ring at the end of what has seemed like the longest waiting period (ever) but you don’t want to make your guy feel uncomfortable. Or pressured. Your proposal is something you’ll never forget, and hopefully, something he can’t wait to plan – just to see your whole face light up. How do you drop the hint without dropping a bomb on your guy?


Here are some unobtrusive, simple and sweet ways to get him to propose by the end of the year (yes, it can be done!):



Talk About It Without Pausing

Seems easy enough, right? Imbedding marriage talk into your everyday conversations will help get him to think of tying the knot as something that’s coming up, not a scary and expensive life change. Think about it like this: “Hey sweetie, would you ever want to have two houses? I mean like ten years after we’re married or something.” Or you could say: “Do you want to get married in your hometown? The church you grew up in?” The more you weave it into everyday conversations, the less threatening it feels.



Steer Clear of Ultimatums, But Be Clear

It’s never (ever!) a good idea to tell your guy: if we’re not engaged by the time we’ve dated three years, I’m outta here! But, it is okay to be open, honest and clear about your expectations of the relationship. While some people are okay with staying in permanent boyfriend-and-girlfriend land, you’d prefer a ticket to happily ever after – with rings! It’s fine to tell your guy: “Hey, I do want to get married one day and I’d like to share my life with you.” It’s not proposing – it’s just setting your standard.



Show Him How in Love You Are

Sure, you see him every single day. You talk all the time. You couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. And while you probably do tell him that you care, showing him just how important he is can be a key to getting that diamond ring. Leave him little notes in his pocket that he’ll find at work randomly. When he’s super-stressed out, offer to cook – or order in if you’re not the domestic kind – and verbalize how you can’t wait to spend your lives taking care of one another. Sometimes, just saying it can lead to a lifetime of happiness.


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