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Daniel Levy is a third generation expert gemologist, engagement ring specialist and owner of Daniel Levy Jewelry

Daniel realized his love of diamonds and the desire to help people at a young age. Daniel began working as a diamond cutter at the age of 21 in Chicago. He learned the art of faceting diamonds of all shapes and sizes and garnered a deep appreciation of the diamond’s beauty and strength. He subsequently became a traveling salesman representing a wholesale bridal company, where he achieved multimillion-dollar sales in a very short time. 

In 1990, Daniel created Daniel Levy, Inc., a wholesale diamond company and fine jewelry manufacturer specializing in bridal jewelry. Daniel vowed to create and provide his clients with outstanding high quality one-of-a-kind diamond jewelry, while ensuring to give them the best experience and value for their money. This mission has reigned true for the last 32 years through Daniel Levy Jewelry.

Ultimately we are all about the needs and desires of our clients. We are here to serve, help and create whatever it is that our clients are looking to have.


Why consider choosing us as your private jeweler 

1) You will be able to choose from our extensive access to a multibillion-dollar inventory of certified diamonds. 

2) You will love the visual aids, 3D wax models as well as the design results of our state of the art C.A.D (Computer Aided Design technology) which we will be using to create your custom made one-of-a kind masterpiece made exclusively for you.

3) We keep our overhead expenses low, and therefore give you the most competitive prices. We will not be undersold! We will either match beat anyone’s price.

4) You will receive a product with the most superior quality, great attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship.

5) You will benefit from a free, no obligation private consultation.

6) The process will be all about you and your loved one. Making sure that you are 100% happy with the outcome.

7) You will love the quick turnaround time provided to you. Custom jewelry creations made in less than two weeks.

8) You will enjoy our outstanding customer service.

9) While meeting with us we will educate you, making sure you understand what you are buying, and that you feel comfortable with the entire process.

10) Ultimately, We will share with you all the knowledge that we learned in the 32 years of being in the jewelry business. You will know that we are working for you while creating this very important jewelry masterpiece. 

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