About Us

Why Chicago?

I love Chicago! I feel that Chicago is the most diverse and magnificent city in the world. The people in Chicago are some of the nicest friendliest people I meet. Chicago has a beautify skyline. Great theater, amazing restaurants, many business opportunities and an overall great place to live.

Daniel Levy Jewelry is located in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.

Provide one or more personal and professional situations have changed your life or built your character. Explain how you overcome adversities, challenges and obstacles.

I started my company at a very young age of 23. I was told to slow down my pace of success because I was too young. I was told that I don’t have what it takes to succeed. Those comments fueled me even more to succeed in a big way and prove to those people I can do it!

Role models or supporters who helped you on your journey to success. My wife Lori if my biggest supporter, she helps me understand how great I am every day and make sure that I always live up to my best potential. My life and business coach Mr. Anthony Robins, for the past 10 years I have attended many of his seminars and his business physiology life rules and lessons for success.


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